Project Graduation


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Project Graduation is a nationally recognized alcohol and drug free party designed to give high school graduates a safe alternative to celebrating their special night.  Statistics have shown that students celebrating on the evening of graduation can experience one of the most dangerous nights of their young lives.
It is NOT funded by the school or district. We must raise $40,000 to put on this event. Please SPONSOR or DONATE!


April 10th       100 lecture in 100 bldg  7:15

April 24th     100 lecture in 100 bldg  7:15

May 8th             100 lecture in 100 bldg 7:15

May 22nd            100 lecture in 100 bldg 7:15



3/30/17 – Mays Street Boutique, 5-7 p.m.,  ALL WELCOME

4/11/17 – Kendra Scott Trunk Show, 6-8 p.m., 1100 Building Foyer – ALL WELCOME

4/24/17 – Spring Pet Clinic, 5-7 p.m., – ALL WELCOME

Volunteers are needed for June 1ST 9 pm – 4 am.  SIGN UP NOW – 


Parent Donations (Money, Time and Effort)

Donations Needed!

Proud Dragon Parents needs over $40,000 to host the Project Graduation event for the 700 Seniors of Round Rock High School. WHEN DONATING, PLEASE INDICATE IN THE INSTRUCTIONS TO SELLER BOX IF YOU ARE SPONSORING AN ACTIVITY & WHICH ONE. 


Go-Fund -Me

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We will need lots of parent volunteers the night of the event –    June 1 from 9 pm – 4 am.


 Donate your Credit Card Loyalty/Rewards Points or Airline Miles to Project Graduation!!!

Turn your rewards points into gift cards from some of our local retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target or Starbucks!  Then send them in to the Project Graduation team so we can have some great prizes to give away.  You can turn in these gift cards to anyone on the Project Graduation Committee

Project Graduation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.  We do not receive any funding from the school or district’s budget. This event is dependent upon a strong partnership between business and community leaders, parents, law enforcement, and school officials for fundraising, volunteerism, and logistical support and is 100% donation and volunteer based. 

The following activities bring in the majority of our funds. Please support the Class of 2017 by attending or purchasing from these events. Visit our Officers and Committees Page to contact the person in charge for more info!

Fall Pet Clinic and Spring Clinic 

Poinsettia and Tamales Holiday Sale


Homecoming Mums

Garage Sale

Family Nights Out

Test Driving Cars – Nyle Maxwell

Go Fund Me

Amazon Smiles